Friday, May 28, 2010

Pffft - Truly Tragic

Absolutely abysmal effort on my part tonight. Was so far from the zone it is not funny. I guess after the week I had (two funerals, travel with Boy 1 deciding mid-flight that flying was not for him, little sleep) it was to be expected, but I had hoped to push through and skate it all out. Did not happen.

So now I feel I have let myself down. Just gotta suck it up and move forwards. After all, there is always next week.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Finally. Attended my first Fresh Meat training session on Thursday night. To say the muscles are screaming in protest still two days later is an understatement.

BUT... The skills are all still there! Rusty, yes, but present for sure. Really enjoyed it, gave me a much needed high and release from the stress of the last few weeks.

ENRG Roller Derby Girls ROCK!
Copyright Erin Smith Photography
Can you spot me?
May 20th, 2010

To quote an old Aussie songstress, "It's only the beginning..." (Deborah Conway)