Saturday, February 20, 2010

Well, so much for that idea

Did I get to boxercise at 7am? No. Still not real well, and as I have a VERY important assignation tonight with some of the parenting forum girls I felt it was a big risk to start today. Next week is out as I am off to Byron Bay at 7am.

Blurgh, feels like I'm never going to move forward on this.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Whip It - Movie or Motivational Exercise?

Well I finally got to watch it! Released today on DVD, I had the local video store hold me a rental copy until Big Boy could pick it up. After the events of today, and how crappy I still feel I was really looking forward to it.

As a storyline, meh, 4 or 5 out of 10. But the skating! It was pretty good, considering they tended to swing arms and body way too much to get any real speed. Had to laugh when they introduced the whip move, apt with the name of the movie of course. When we did that move back in the 70's/80's it was considered tre's cool. But ours involved a little more than this movie version: two girls forward, two girls backward, fifth girl forward on the outside being "The Whip". First girl facing forward (in the centre), after speed built up, plants herself i.e. brings herself to a dead stop, result - whip is cracked and fifth girl is propelled forward at an incredible speed. Made for some amazing stacks! Yeah, I was either the cracker or the whip. No-one puts Madmother in the middle...

As it is I could have skated as well as most in the movie, if I regain something akin to my peak speed and control... Well, I'd leave them all for dead. Big Boy was a bit floored at the violence having never witnessed a derby bout, the closest thing he could compare to it was Rollerball with James Caan in the 1970's. Similar, but not quite it, lol. He glanced my way a few times and threw in little asides:

"Odds are pretty high you'll get hurt."

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

"I had no idea it was so violent."

Yeah, well, a lot of it is for show, but the other side is if you ARE fast then you do minimise the risk of injury. They can't hit you if they can't catch you!

Now I really want to get back on the skates. If it is still cool over the weekend we may just manage it.

I feel the need... the need for WHEEL SPEED!

Well, there you have it

I have searched high and low, dug through boxes, pulled out all the old albums, and do you know I have not one photo of my skating days? I have photos of me around that era, and even those are few, but not one... nada, nothing, zilch... of me with wheels on!

Not happy. I know a lot were taken, but by friends or friend's parents, or the rink owner or our trainers. And I was not given any copies obviously. Damn.

Oh well, I will never be a perfect size eight again, nor weigh 50 kilos. My measurements in my senior years at school were: 36"-24"-34". I was a size 10C in a bra. Those days are well and truly gone. Lordy, if I dropped back to that weight I would look very off. And old.

My aim is to get fit, and in the process lose weight. I will be measuring and weighing in this weekend, even if deathly ill. Hope it isn't man flu - that IS bad.

I will be back. Oh, and this time the camera will be mine so there will be photographic evidence!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Let There Be Rock

Look familiar? Remember her from here? And then... nothing. I still want to join the derby, but to do so sanely I need to get fitter, lose weight, get back up to form.

So this is the journey journal, hopefully enough to keep me motivated and move forwards.

Next Saturday I go back to boxercise at 7am. Day one of the new me. And I also hope it cools down enough to skate soon. At over 35 degrees in the rink I am not able to convince the boys to skate. But one thing at a time, at least I will be doing something.

Will be posting weight and measurements here when organised as well. To keep me honest. I need to do this for me - no more excuses.