Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Good? Or Bad?

Well, today was a day of mixed blessings. I bit the bullet and drove down the coast to check out another rink (traitor I am). Motivation for this was the lack of weekday classes or sessions at my regular  rink whilst the boys are in school. The one class they hold is a Star class. In other words a figure skating or dance skate class.

I went to one a few months back mistakenly believing it to be a normal session, but just for adults. How embarrassing! I had dragged two friends with me, but they quite enjoyed it. Unbenownst to me friend 1 had been attending beginner star classes on a Saturday morning with her daughter, and friend 2 was a former free-dance champion! They joined in and happily performed the fancy seal tricks dictated by the overweight, overtanned, overoiled fifty or sixty something instructor who reminded me of the oldies in Strictly Ballroom. He was not impressed when I asked if we could speed up the music with a bit of AC/DC...

After this experience, it was with trepidation I decided to trek down the mountain, over the state boundary, and give it another go at another rink.

Due to daylight saving still in place there and not here, I knew I would miss at least half of the session. But this was merely a reconnaissance, and if I managed a skate then bonus!

Walked in. Four woman skating, two of whom had prams on the rink. Instructor made five and her young son of around eleven years of age, added one more. Smaller rink than my usual, but friendly people. Was introduced as soon as I rolled on the rink. It is a combined skate/fitness class based mainly around derby training. The instructor is a woman of 46 (woohoo - someone doin' derby of me own generation!), and she filled me in on the idea of the session, and also about the team. So now I have a third team adding to my indecisiveness about who to join. And I may have only skated for an hour, but by hell I did sweat!

The good: the people, the lack of pressure, the encouragement.

The bad: the distance (an hours drive), my lack of fitness, and the condition of the floor. My wheels are disgusting and I'll have to give them a thorough clean to get the muck off.

But I enjoyed it so much I've already rung around and told friends of the session, and my intention to go every week after the holidays (they don't run them in school hols). 

Overall, a good day I would have to say!

Must add, I had forgotten how punishing it is to do fitness exercises on skates...

Monday, March 29, 2010

Confessions of an Unmotivated Slob.

Ever have those blurgh days? Even worse than the blah ones, and they can sometimes last for weeks, popping up when you least expect...

You feel like the reflection in the contorted fat mirror at fun parks. You know, the ones you hurry past in order to get to the thin images so you can delude yourself into feeling better.

Fitness-wise that is where I am. I have done NOTHING. Haven't even made time to skate with all the committments and socialising. But that will change later this week when the school holidays kick in. I am planning on skating at least twice in the next week, maybe more.

And I have re-arranged the games room so the treadmill is in front of the TV and I can walk and watch to relieve the boredom.

No way can I even venture into derby territory the shape I'm in. But I have managed to find some kick-arse tights, and funky leggings.

Now, onto the Lite n Easy website to peruse the menu... I am determined to find time for this somehow!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Another Gem of an Idea...

Yes, as per my last post: Underwear! Marketing slogan:

Do you really want a Madmother on your ARSE?

Dreams, Derby and a Dirty, Doddering Dame

I had this whole thing typed and *poof* it vanished into the bloggerverse...

So to begin again:

Most of you who read my other blog know of my writing aspirations, but do you know of the idea behind my derby dreams? There is a method to my madness you see. I figure I have the perfect vehicle to launch myself into the publishing world, after all, how many overweight, unfit on-the-downhill-run to 47 wanna-be derby girls who can write can there be? Seriously? *Crickets*... is that crickets I hear breaking the still silence?

Exactly. It is the hook. The endless twist in the tale we all search for to make us stand out in the masses of unpublished talent. And I can skate, really I can! It is one of the few natural talents I can lay claim to. Add in attitude, a smart mouth and plain old chutzpah and I think I have a somewhat marketable commodity: Me!

Think of the tales I can tell from inside the Derby World. I was born with the gift of the gab, can talk my way in and out of most situations, and have. Story weaving comes naturally and my attention grabbing ability is not an issue, one of my friends calls me the unstoppable force. I am already working on profile raising ideas...

Pssst... Wanna buy a t-shirt? Or how about a bumper sticker?

And 'specially for the back of my short shorts when my arse hits the air:

Of course, it will look a lot better once my butt is toned to a more attractive dimension such as this:

Roller Derby will never be the same again. Hell, maybe there will even be Madmother jokes! And Madmother underwear!

Now, all I need is some ideas for the book title... Hello? Anyone?

Bloody crickets...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fimally Back on Wheels

It has been far too hot to go to the rink but thanks to all this rain, Sunday was cool enough at last to skate.

Even with the temp down around 29 degrees the humidity was high and the sweat rolled off (forgive the pun). At first I was feeling my lack of fitness, and my right knee injury. As I skated, picking up speed, the knee felt as if it would give way at any point... not a good thing when you are on wheels.

But then I seemed to get back into the swing, knee felt stronger, muscles slowly warmed up, the glow began to build. My speed and agility improved. By the end of the session I felt good. Really good. There is a long way to go to work my fitness levels higher, but if this cool snap lasts I'll be back on skates for the season.

And the other cool thing this week was finding some really funky leggings and tights that manage to stretch around my thunder thighs without tearing! On sale too!

Now to save up for those glorious black suede boots and some new trucks and bright blue wheels...

And time for the first admission: weight 9/3/10 - 86kgs. Height: 164 cms.