Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The First Wave

Have you noticed the median age of roller derby girls? I mean, have you really had a good look over a larger group? We are the first wave surging back. The roller skating fanatics of the seventies and eighties leaping forward to embrace the now. The thirty and forty something former hot skater babes, now hot mammas, looking for me time. Leaving behind the life of nappies, school, homework, soccer, taxi runs. Taking back control and  our lives. If only for an hour or so twice a week for training and bout time. 

Remember us? Watch out. We're BACK!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Memoir Monday: Whipping Madmother

Ha Trav - betchya diddna know I had me lots of blogs! Now, there does not appear to be anything restricting me to entering more than one of my blogs, and so I'm running with the theory that it is allowed.

Skating formed a major part of my youth, and it probably saved me from some serious shit when my sister died. It gave me an outlet whilst also allowing me to be "the skater" instead of "the girl whose sister died". Self-centred, I know, but you usually are at fifteen. And I was desperately trying to hold what was left of my family together most days, so a few afternoons and weekends of being sk8r girl was not so much to ask for.

But enough of the poor me pity whining, time to break from the gloom with a bit of a light relief madmother wheelie tale.

The Whip:
I briefly touched on the description of the whip in this post. But now I will go into the DARK SIDE of this classic move.

If you have seen the movie Whip It you would have seen the new generation tame pussycat whip derby move. A modern day whip is merely grabbing another player by the arm to whip you forward. If you really want to know more there is a good video here.

The 1970's version was far less politically polite... two girls forward, two girls backward, fifth girl forward on the outside being "The Whip". First girl facing forward (in the centre), after speed built up, plants herself i.e. brings herself to a dead stop, result - whip is cracked and fifth girl is propelled forward at an incredible speed.
What I neglected to tell was that it was a favourite move to smash any newbies who came in with big mouths and no talent. It was no issue if you talked the talk, so long as you walked the walk too. And so many did not. No follow through  - cardinal skating sin!

And so, the Madmother sinner version of the whip was this...
Two girls forward, two girls backward, fifth girl forward on the outside being "The Victim". Madmother facing forward (in the centre), after speed is built up to a crescendo, plants herself i.e. brings herself to a dead stop, result - whip is cracked and newbie is propelled forward at an incredible speed usually planting herself halfway up the rink wall face first. And then slowly slides down to the floor.
We ceased this practise after one such victim broke their leg in three places. Ouch. Oops.

Had a few anger management issues in that grief period...

Friday, April 9, 2010


I have been to a skating session three times in ten days! And one more on Monday to go!

Ouch, my poor tired old muscles are aching, though I don't notice until around an hour after I stop. It is even worse when I stiffen up later. Ah the joys of being older.

And I have my eyes on some new skates. Black leather figure uppers, Italian trucks and Giotto wheels... Dazzling but dollars. $$$$$$$$$$$. But I do believe you get what you pay for, after all my thirty year old beauties were incredibly expensive in their day and look at how much monies worth I've gotten out of them!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

And skate we DID!

Yes, after much stuffing up and screwing around, (refer here) this morning we made it to the rink near the brownest of plains, on the crest of the hill, otherwise known as Digi-Skate! The car was full to the brim with myself, Lash Lass Lisa (I am now bestowing derby names on all who accompany us. I mean, hell, I have one - Madmother - so everyone else can have them as nicknames!) and six, yes you read it right, SIX strapopping young lads eager to skate. Well, when I say eager I mean sorta looking forward to it, some with a little trepidation...

The weather is pefect. Not too hot, not too cold. And skate we did! A good, fun time was had by all. No damages, very few falls. But most inspiring of all was LL Lisa and her amazing acts of recovery. I think she almost fell at least twenty times: arms would whirl, legs would wiggle, over she'd nearly go... then hey presto! She saves herself! Wish I'd had a camera, could have been worth millions. Or at least the grand prize on Funniest Home Videos...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Am I Nuts?

After two days more or less in bed, lots of pain relief, heat packs, Voltaren rubs, massage and more rest, my back is pretty much okay today. Tomorrow afternoon I am meant to be skating with my two sons and two of their mates.

I feel okay, but am cautious. I now think I did not injure it skating, merely pushed some muscles a little harder BUT then slept in the wrong position, and with my back issues that was all it took.

But, and this is the nuts bit, I think I will skate. So long as I do not push it hard, nor fall (which I don't tend to do) I think all will be well. I want to skate. I need to skate. Let's face it, I am going to skate. Carefully.

Friday, April 2, 2010


You guessed it. Back is spasming, excrutiating pain down right side waking me hourly last night. I have always suffered back pain and problems. My back used to click out and lock even in my teens (made for some fun times with friends, let me tell you. Many slow baby step walks home from being with mates, usually accompanied by quite a few of them feeling helpless).

Falling down a flight of stairs when seven months pregnant with Boy 2 could have made things a tad worse...
I had a couple of bad twinges earlier in the week, but I think skating may have pulled a few things out of whack. No falls or spills, just the pushing myself to faster speeds stretching things a little locked already.

Now I'll just have to get Big Boy to massage the Voltaren in, take some pain relief, and hope all is well in a couple of days. Especially as we are skating Monday, Friday and again the following Monday with extra kids.

Bloody hell, this getting older sucks!